These Seven Sicknesses

“Vibrant...entertaining and fresh.” --THE NEW YORK TIMES (CRITIC’S PICK)

“The sheer physicality of the performances rivets attention.“ --BACKSTAGE (CRITIC’S PICK)

“Genuinely stirring feats of theatricality…the stunningly large company’s sheer exuberance and conviction keep the event buoyant and alive.” --THE NEW YORKER

“Theater at its best—ambitious, epic, fun, engaging, beautiful, and executed with skillful precision.” --NYTHEATRE.COM



“I love the way it was acted! Very powerful... so well done in every single area.” --OSCAR-WINNING DIRECTOR JONATHAN DEMME


I Was Tom Cruise

“The cast is, across the board, fantastic. Victoria Haynes captures Paula’s disappointment and frustration with a truthfulness that makes her sympathetic even when she is self-centered and nagging.”  –-NYTHEATRE.COM

“The surprisingly emotionally resonant play… is very well-acted.”  -–NY POST

“There is no doubt that the cast deserves the many cackles it gets.”  –-BROADWAY.COM


A Few Good Men

“Victoria Haynes [is] undaunted as the show’s sole female performer. The stellar acting enables success for Sorkin’s handiwork.” --ITHACA JOURNAL

“The air snaps, crackles and pops as the drama plays out at Cortland Repertory Theatre. Special honors go to Victoria Haynes as Galloway.”  -–SYRACUSE.COM

“Victoria Haynes’s cool, self-possessed Lt. Cmdr. Joanne Galloway defines the post-feminist officer, ready to take unconventional views but just as resolved as the guys when pressed. AFGM has become the major stage courtroom drama of the last 20 years, and as Cortland Rep’s favorable ruling attests, [time has] only sharpened its bite.”  --SYRACUSE NEW TIMES


Ten Little Indians

“Finest of the cast is Victoria Haynes, who projects breeding and efficiency, as well as beauty.” –-SYRACUSE POST-STANDARD

“Victoria Haynes… delivers the most layered performance as Vera, as well as exuding the 1940s glamour of a young Gene Tierney.”  -–SYRACUSE NEW TIMES

“Vera Claythorne is ably portrayed by Victoria Haynes, who invests the character with palpable smarts as well as a believable nervous energy.”  –-SYRACUSE NEW TIMES


Murder on the Nile

“As the heiress Kay Mostyn, the comely Victoria Haynes strikes the right note of privilege with a hint of vulnerability.”  --SYRACUSE NEW TIMES

“The actors and actresses were wonderful. Victoria Haynes exuded grace and wealth in the way she moved and spoke.”  –-CORTLAND STANDARD